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Russell Westbrook with a record 46 points against Wizards

Thunder star Paul Georges and Carmelo Anthony failed to find a rhythm in the shoot, so Russell Westbrook entered an attack on Oklahoma City`s victory over Washington by 121:113, stamping his sixth consecutive success. Westbourne scored 46 points for the season and George and Steven Adams scored 18 and 12 points respectively. `I think the game mentioned by fixed matches is right and if it`s time to take it, I`m doing it, ` Russell Westbrook said after the end of the game.

Paul George made 19 attempts to shoot, but managed to score in just 6 of them, while Carmelo Anthony added 13 points. Westbrook filled the gap, realizing 19 of his 29 attempts to conquer the Wizards. `We need that Russell, ` said Raymond Felton. `In some matches, he can score 46, and in other 20s. ` Whatever it is, we need him to be aggressive as he did tonight. Bradley Biel made 41 points for Wizards, John Wol added 21, and Markieff Morris recorded 20 points for the wizards.