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Juwa lied to Roma again

Italian champion Juventus won the derby with Roma from the 18th round of the A series. A hero for the `bionkneri` became the ex-player of the `wolves` Medi Benati, who scored in the visitors` door in the 18th minute. In a very interesting and dynamic clash, both teams had chances to goal in the last few seconds, but another shot did not fall.
Ten minutes before the end, Alessandro Florentzi hit the hosts` bar which the last minutes kept their lead. Seconds before the end Miralem Pianich also shaken the former beam of his former team with a shot of 19 meters. Wojciech Schniche saved his team in the 94th minute when he kept his door after Patrick Schick came alone against him.
In front of the full stands of Allianz Stadium, the hosts went out for the three points to stay at one point from Napoli. The Wolves were looking for a first success at Juve`s home for eight years to catch up with the champions who had 41 points in the standings.

Massimiliano Alligi once again left Paulo Diballa on the bench, and Wojciech Shcseci was at the door. The bianconer was again 4-3-3, with Gonzalo Igguin, Mario Manjukic and Juan Quadrado leading the attack. Eusebio di Francesco also bet on 4-3-3, and Diego Perrotti, Stefan El Shaarauwi and One Jake led the attack on the `Jaloros`.
Juve started more actively, but the two teams were very careful and did not leave space in front of their doors. It was not accidental that the fall fell after a static position. Defender Benita was right in the 18th minute. Giorgio Cielini pinpointed Pianjic`s head from corner, Alicon beat, Benita fired at the top of the top, the ball went back to Benati, who had this time in the door. A few minutes later, Alison`s mistake could have cost the Jalorossos, as the guard took down the Iguaine who wanted a penalty, but Taliavano remained silent. The first threat to Juve`s door came in the 27th minute when the counterattack of Perrotti left left and centered on El Shaarawy. The Italian national shoots but Shscheni with an excellent reflex slaughtered. The second part offered more emotions to the typhus, although the hits did not fall. Juventus missed twice to double his lead and decide the game mentioned by record of fixed soccer betting tips in advance, but Iguain in the 54th minute made a great pass, eyes on Alison, shooting over the beam. Blessed Matthew in the 65th minute was also near the goal after he detected the centering of Manjukic but Alison`s master cellars. Seconds afterwards, Iguaine fired back 12 meters high against the door. At that moment, Juve`s typhuses waited for a second goal, as Pianic tried, but he never fell, and finally Roma regretted that he did not leave with a point.

In the 71st minute, Jaco lost a very good chance to equalize, and in the 80th minute Florence stressed the champions` typhoons for seconds, but fortunately the ball landed on the upper beam of Juve.
Roma pushed and the `bianconers` defended with all their strength, and in the 93rd minute Pianic hit the top beam with a nice shot. The star of Bosnia and Herzegovina shoots from the border of the penalty area because none of his former teammates attacked him. Seconds later, Juventus` defensive misfortune is stressing Ale