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Match-fixing scandal extends in Greece

An Athens daily newspaper reported on Monday that a new match-fixing case out of the northern Greek city Salonica may involve the Greek national team.

Ta Nea headlined on its front page: "They even fixed matches of the national team" and reported that phone conversations out of Salonica involve a number of football officials, including Super League club owners and referees, and that "even the national team does not escape from the conversations."

The newspaper said judicial authorities are looking into this new case which it said involved individuals who have been named in a previous case and some new names as well.

Greece has been rocked the last few days with judicial authorities naming 83 individuals for being involved in an ongoing investigation into match-fixing in top Greek leagues.

On Monday many of those accused have been parading before the prosecutor to counter felony charges they face such as involvement in criminal activities, fraud, extortion, money laundering, illegal gambling and illegal possession of firearms.

Greece international defender Avraam Papadopoulos, Greek champions Olympiakos Piraeus owner Vangelis Marinakis and Greece under-21 national coach Giorgos Georgiadis are among those who face prosecution in the case.