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Match fixing scandal in Greece

Whole Greece is shocked after the incidents of the last two days.

Greek Police confirmed on June 22 the arrest of ten men allegedly involved in match fixing scandal in soccer, including the presidents of two Greek Super League clubs outside Athens as well as several officials from the second division.

Another five men were arrested today, one of them is famous owner and president of Greek Super League side Kavala.

It followed an extensive police search at the homes of a number of people suspected of involvement in fixing the results of 41 matches during the last three seasons in domestic competitions.

Local soccer authorities had been alerted by European soccer’s governing body UEFA.

The arrested persons accused of betting fraud, money laundering and participation in a criminal group. Police announced they would all be taken to the prosecutor investigating the case on June 23.

According to reports, at least 20 people were detained in total, with a prediction from the police that this number can go higher till 50, including a second-division club manager and the son of a well-known Athens soccer and basketball official.

News are coming every minute with the latest reports saying that guns and ammunition was found, more than 550.000.000 euros found on one suspect bank account, and every hour a new suspect is getting arrested.

Famous basketball player involved, many football clubs owners and players from lower leagues, veteran players and coaches.

Most of the suspects arrested were using referees, players, managers of players and coaches to fix matches and bet on them with various ways staking extra big money using Greek local bookie and bookmaker companies outside of Greece.