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Cote plans to use Battshuid tomorrow

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte did not give a clear answer to whether Mishi Batshuay would head off to Borussia (Dortmund). The media are clear that the Frenchman is the choice of Westphalia to replace Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Just finding a new blade for the Germans` attack was the reason why the Obama-Obama deal has not yet been completed. This afternoon, however, the Bundesliga gang went up on a plane to London, which suggests that all obstacles have been cleared. Today Mishi trained with the team and is available for our tomorrows match against Bournemouth. So far he has been a footballer and he is in my bets because Alvaro Morata is also injured. I have no other options, because Viliyen is traumatized. Surely the current situation (b. Rumors of market rumors) is not good to prepare for a major league match, Cote told his regular press conference. The Italian refused to answer specifically and whether he plans to take another striker until tomorrow night. The name of Olivier Girush is being contacted, and that of Jed Geo seems to have already been dropped.

The reality is so and I have to prepare for our next fight with the available athletes. And I`m pleased with that. I will be happy in both cases:and if the club attracts new players, and if it does not. I only give my opinion to the leadership and then the club from soccer livescore strives to do everything in its power of the transfer market, `continued Conte.

He did not deny that tonight Emerson Palmieri of Roma was expected at Stamford Bridge for medical examinations. The former coach of squadra adzura shared that it is not right to have matches on the day of closing the market. Tomorrow night in Premier League will have seven matches and the window closes at 23:00 local time.