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Bayern answers the news, things go to court

From Bayern (Munich), they refuted Bild`s publication of the club`s desire to attract Bayer (Leverkusen) goalkeeper Bernd Leno. Germany`s most impressive tabloid writes that the champions have made a bid for the national but it has been rejected. There is nothing true in this information, it`s a complete fiction. We are happy with our goalkeepers, the words of Bayern`s sports director Hassan Sallyhammadzic. The club by fixedsoccermatches adds that they will take action against Bild.

At present, Jupp Heynckes can not count on Manuel Neuer and Sven Ulriah, who are injured. For this reason, Eintracht (Frankfurt) under the frame stood the third guard, Tom Stracke, who had generally given up on football.