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Roma did not make a mistake against Karabakh and ended up with Chelsea and Atletico

The Roma team qualified for the Champions League`s eighth finals and managed to finish first in the Group C final. The wolves beat Olimpico with 1-0 over Karabakh and gathered 11 points. Chelsea finished with the same number of assets, but after winning 3:0 against the English in Rome and the 3:3 draw in London, the Jalorossians won the first place in the group, while the blue remained second. Atletico Madrid is third in the final adviced by soccer livescore standings with 7 points after finishing 1:1 today with Chelsea in the English capital, and the last fourth position is Karabakh. The Azerbaijan team has scored 2 points in the group, with two draws with Atletico Madrid and virtually breaking the Serpent`s accounts.

The only goal of Olympiacos tonight was the Argentine striker Diego Perrotti in the 53rd minute. In the first half Eusebio Di Francesco`s players did not manage to break through the firewall of their opponent. Eight minutes after the break, the hosts managed to defeat Karabakh`s defense with an attack through the center where One Jekko was alone on guard Ibrahim Seich. The Bosnian striker did not manage to overcome his fellow countryman who saved, but the ball fell right to the head of Diego Perotti, who, in this situation, was right to do that, which, with the addition of an empty door, realized the valuable hit. There were some doubts about the ambush of Jacko at the goal. By the end of the game, the wolves had other options to make their victory more convincing, but anyway they managed to keep their score comfortable and qualified for the next phase as winners in their group.


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