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Sevilla again disappointed Liverpool, this time Merseyside squandered three-goal advance

Liverpool missed the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League elimination today, after wasting a three-goal lead and eventually finishing 3: 3 with Sevilla to Ramon Sanchez Pichuan. Thus, Merseyside were unable to take revenge from the Andalusians for the loss in the Europa League final in 2016 and missed the Anfield victory in September. The guests thought they had decided everything in their favor in the 30th minute when they were leading 3: 0 after two goals by Roberto Firmino (2 u0026 039; 30 u0026 039;) and one by Sadio Mane (22 u0026 039). After the break, however, Wisam Ben Yeder (51 u0026 039 and 60 u0026 039) threw Seville into the game adviced by buy fixed games with two quick hits, for which the former player of the Spanish team, Alberto Moreno, contributed greatly. In the added time, Guido Pizarro equalized after a corner in front of Loris Carius`s door.

In the home 11 of the hosts there were four adjustments from the meeting with Celta (2: 1). Rico, Mercado, Banega and Ben Yeder returned to the top.

Merseyside manager Jurgen Klop had made two changes compared to the squad that beat Southampton on Saturday. Loris Karius started at the door, and Joe Gomez was preferred to Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The duel started perfectly for the guests, who in the second minute, at their first corner, led to the result. Cootinho centering from the corner kick, Weindaldum headed to the far beam where Firmino scored and with a nice shot from a small corner gave an advance to the Merseysides. This was the fourth goal for the Brazilian striker in the Champions League this season.

In the 13th minute, Esquero missed a good chance for Sevilla after receiving a very nice shot from Nolito but decided to shoot from a small angle and sent the ball to the outside of the net. Six minutes later the hosts came to an even cleaner situation. Nolito flipped Joe Gomez very technically, then turned his eyes on Karius and shot in the corner, but Liverpool`s guard managed to deflect the ball that hit the beam, then Karius caught. Two seconds later, Ben Yedder found himself in a clear position but his shot went a few inches from the far beam. The duel continued to be very open, and Liverpool replied with a pass of similar caliber. This time, Firmino came out alone against Rico, but the goalkeeper of Sevilla slaughtered. In the subsequent corner, guests did the same as they did in the second minute. Cortinio centering, Firmino headed for the far beam, where Mane shot very well with his head, sending the ball across the diagonal.

In the 30th minute, Liverpool`s lead became classical. Manne fired to the left and fired, Rico managed to scramble, but the ball came to Firmino, who was behind the guard and guided her into the empty door.

Five minutes before the break, Coyutinho took Salah out of the way, coming out alone against Sergio Rico, but the goalkeeper of Sevilla again intervened well and killed. In the 51st minute, Ben Yeder returned an active goal to Alberto Moreno, who first made an unnecessary foul and then failed to prevent the attacker from striking at the nearby crossbar Banega`s free kick. Only nine minutes afterwards, Moreno failed again after being?