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A deceiver mocked Lewandowski`s good heart

A victim of a nasty cheater has become the Bayern Munich striker, Robert Lewandowski. He was touched by the fate of a Polish child whose parents collected money for a tumor of the eye.

The player transferred 24, 000 euros to an account, which was later fictitious, and the money fell into the clutches of a crook who wanted to win from the suffering of others. The police have arrested the man whose money the money has received.

He has promised to return them and actually postpones posting a photo of the translation in the opposite direction. Lewandowski himself has not given a comment on the incident, but he will certainly be more careful after this cruel mischief with his good heart. The Polish Prosecutor`s Office revealed that the deceiver is 23 years old and says Michael S. He is threatened with a 10-year sentence for his act.