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Chelsea offers a new contract to Ceske for fear of Mourinho

Chelsea will offer a new contract to Cesc Fabregas to block the eventual attempt by Jose Mourinho to attract the Spaniard to Manchester United. Special has already taken to Old Trafford a former London player club player, Nemanja Matic, and has hit a stone in an attempt to get another one, Villian. In the media from the island, it was rumored that the Portuguese has now directed his efforts to the 30-year-old Fabregas. The present Cesc contract expires in 18 months. According to The Times, the player`s own desire is to extend the agreement for two more years. Until recently, Chelsea`s club predicted by contact with insider picks policy was to offer contracts for one season to players who have been 30 years old. Earlier, however, Gary Cahill signed a contract for four years, which happened a few weeks before he was 30. The Times suggests that in the case of Fabregas a similar approach will be taken.