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Juventus with a record for goals scored after the first 10 rounds

Juventus equaled a record for goals scored in the first 10 rounds in Serie A. Bianconers, who until recently relied heavily on defense, are on the reverse pole this season. So far they have scored 31 hits in their 10 games analyzed by fixed soccer resources - something that no other team has been able to do over the past 66 years.

On Wednesday, Juve defeated JPA with 4: 1 and thus reached a record number of goals, surpassing even Napoli`s team, which has 29 hits on his account. In fact, Juventus equalized its own record in the 1951-52 season when the same number of goals scored for the same period. Then the Torrians triumphed in Serie A at the end of the season with 7 points ahead of the second AC Milan (then, then 2 points are awarded for victory). The team ends the campaign with 98 hits on their account.