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And Verona did not have any mercy on Serie A boxing pear

The eighth round in Series A ended with a fight between the newcomers Verona and Benevento. These were the only two teams without a victory to date. The hosts managed to score 1: 0 and even escaped from the relegation zone, and their rival continued to be on the bottom without a winning point and a desperate goal difference of 2:19.

The character of Verona has become Brazilian Romulo. He scored the precious goal in the 74th minute. The guests played at Marcantonio Bendrodi with a man less than 37 minutes when Luca Anthey was expelled. Mattia Valotti wasted two good positions for Verona at the beginning, but later he just took the red card to Anthony, who fouled him very roughly. Experienced Alessio Cercci and Jampaolo Pacini also had the opportunity to play for a host, but Benetton`s boss Alberto Brinjolli had some excellent rescues.

In the 74th minute, Daniele Verde crossed almost all of the terrain and centered on Romulo, who sent the ball to the guests door. At the end, Pietro Jemelo was able to flatten, but was stopped by Mohammed Salim Perez.