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Soccer Betting Tips

Bet on a team to draw
A great way to bet is when your team doesn’t even have to win for you to make money. It’s a bet called double chance, because you can back two outcomes, a win and a draw. If you can find out a game where one team isn’t likely to lose, this kind of bet might be great for you. Keep in mind that the odds will be lower than to simply bet on the winning team.
There are many situations where the double chance can be a useful bet, and the most common is when one team is playing for a draw. A club employing this strategy will very rarely win, however if they do manage to get a draw, you will win the bet.
Another time that you can use this bet is when a team is not using their main offensive player who scores the most. Some clubs rely on a single player, while others on multiple. So you can bet against these teams and be fairly confident that the best they can probably do is draw.

Back teams that know how to score goals
If you’re going to bet some of your money, back a team that you can count on to score. Try and avoid encounters between mediocre teams. These matches are not as easy to predict. A home win, an away win and a draw are all feasible.
An alternative to this is to look for more powerful and higher scoring teams to bet on in order to win, however some of these teams are popular and the bookies might not offer the same ratios as for other teams.

Look for home and away forms
Another way to win is to potentially find teams, which home and away scores do not match with the general pattern for home and away victories.
For example, some teams win more away games than home games, and for some it’s the opposite. You can find some teams that have a different type of pattern and use it when you place your bets on the games.

Betting on the draw
A lot of punters have not an easy time predicting draws and it’s not one of the most popular types of bets, however, it can be very profitable. Draw shouldn’t be the most frequent outcome that you should use, however, when you find a match where both teams have a hard time against each other, it can be very useful.
An easy way to identify potential draws is when the Asian Handicap odds are set to level ball. This can imply that both teams are relatively well matched, so a draw is possible. Most of the times when there is a draw, a mid-table team that is in-form is playing against a top-table away side.